Rockfield's projects involve close integration with our client’s office, field, and operations personnel. Our past experience has been with conventional and SAGD facilities, well pad design, gas processing facilities, blending stations, compressor and pump stations, LACT units, and truck & rail terminals throughout Alberta and British Columbia.

Our engineering services include initial project scoping, estimating, design, drafting, procurement, construction management, and commissioning support.  See below for some of our more recent projects:

Water Loading Station

Provided mechanical and electrical work packages and construction support for the design of a water loading station.  A total flow rate of 3300 USGPM was supplied by two submersible pumps, which were powered by local gas generators.  Project deliverables included P&ID's, isometrics, control philosophy, shutdown key, and the sizing and specification of all pumps, gas generators, valves and instrumentation.

Natural Gas Wellpad Design

Engineering design and layout for several double well natural gas pads complete with dedicated separator packages.  Project deliverables included 3D model generation, plot plan, PFD, P&ID's, line list, isometrics, pile layout and schedule, and pipeline riser/pig-launcher details.

Field MOC Programs

Civil, process, mechanical, and electrical field engineering support involving plant upgrades and modifications for several facilities, pipelines, and wellpads.  Duties include project scoping, estimating, DBM preparation, drawing/work package creation, and construction coordination/support.

Sales Tanks Overhaul

Design and installation of two floating skim units, GWR's, and level switches on two 14,000 bbl sales oil tanks.  External modifications included the replacement of isolation valves, expansion joints, and redesign of the existing truck-out system.

Secondary Containment Installation

Reviewed and coordinated the overhaul and expansion of a major containment area.  Various liner styles and application techniques were explored in order to accomodate the complexity of installation due to multiple access and space constraints.

Modifications to Rail Oil

Piping and control modifications to divert and blend rail spec sales oil to separate loading tanks specifically for rail oil shipment.

Inlet FWKO Bypass and Internal Modifications

Bypass line designed and installed to facilitate maintenance on existing FWKO and modify internals to include inlet spreader and skim oil line.

As-Building - Various Sites

Field wide as-building services for wellpads, facilities, and compressor stations. Provided complete as-built drawing packages to Client for use in future expansion projects. 

Truck Scale Alignment and Modification

Project involved modifications to an existing truck scale that had various issues due to the initial design. Involved structural and electrical modifications as well as upgrades to the truck unload area to improve offload efficiency.

Produced Water Skim System

Added produced water draw off lines/nozzles to an existing off-spec tank.  Modified tank, pump, and piping system to divert water to storage tanks for re-use which completely eliminated truck out activities.

New Drill Oil Loading Tanks

Modifications to convert existing tanks to receive trucked in product from newly drilled wells. Project included modifications to tanks, pumping configuration, main process piping, and water draw off lines.

LP Flare Installation Study

FEED study to install a low pressure flare header, knock out drum and stack to an existing facility.

Centrifuge Installation Study

Cost vs. production analysis of installing centrifuges to process heavy oil at an existing facility.


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